Barney Error

Chances: 5
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Download Barney_Error.exe
Barney Error Random Edition

ZIP password: Barney_Error
If it says "Barney_Error.exe is not commonly
downloaded and may be dangerous", it's not
dangerous, so please click the little arrow,
and then click on "Keep".
If Microsoft Defender Smartscreen prevented
"an unknown app from running",
it's a false positive, so please click "More information"
and then click on "Run anyway" to run Barney_Error.exe.
If it says "Virus detected", it's a false positive,
so please click "Allow" or turn off your antivirus.
Also, isn't a Barney Error a virus already?
Latency: 0 ms
Server time: 12:00:00 am
Local time: 12:00:00 am

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